What constitutes a requirements contract in Michigan under the Uniform Commercial Code? Will your purchase orders be enforceable as a contract? On July 11, 2023, the Michigan Supreme Court issued an opinion in MSSC, Inc. v. Airboss Flexible Prods. Co., which adds another layer to these tricky questions.Continue Reading Clarifying Requirements Contracts and Purchase Order Enforceability in Michigan: Insights From the Michigan Supreme Court

In a move that could impact tens of thousands of workers and 30% of U.S. goods, there may be a freight rail stoppage starting Friday, September 14, 2022, if rail operators and unions fail to reach a deal by 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday.  Due to this potential lack of staff, as of Tuesday, September 13, some rail operators even stopped accepting certain freight (such as hazardous materials), because there may not be anyone available to manage and keep it safe.  While the media skews towards doom and gloom—predicting a massive of collapse of the supply chain—experts and commentators do expect that halted freight shipments will disrupt the already strained U.S. supply chain, including automotive and other manufacturing companies that operate on a just-in-time sole source basis.
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Last year, the automotive industry experienced successes—the upsurge of electric and autonomous vehicle development—and challenges—the global supply chain fiasco—both of which will impact legal trends.

In my recent Industry Today article, “Driving Into 2022,” I highlight the top five legal trends driving the automotive industry this year. I examine:

  • Supply Chain Disruption
  • Antitrust